Community Grants

At the Peter Bond Foundation we’re passionate about renewable energy, but we’re equally passionate about giving back to remote communities, and those in the developing world.

Our grants are typically targeted towards two important areas:

Ending child slavery

Child slavery, human trafficking, the coerced ‘sale’ of children to pay off debts, and the employment of children in situations where their servitude is required, and escape is impossible, is still a prevalent issue in many parts of the world. Nearly 1 in 10 children are subjected to child labour worldwide, with some forced into hazardous work through trafficking (Source: UNICEF). Our foundation supports programs around the world that seek to end child slavery and child labour.

Promoting children’s health and wellbeing

We fund projects of all kinds, but are particularly interested in those that help children in remote and developing communities access health care and sports facilities.

To access details on the community development grants available please email

Children in Uganda